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The VCA Menu Book bridges the gap between carers and residents at mealtimes by providing thoughtful images of commonly eaten dishes to both stimulate your clients appetites and ability to select their meal of choice with ease.

  • Allows easy selection of your residents chosen food
  • Wipe clean lamination to keep your product hygienic
  • Allows a dialogue to be opened between the resident and carer about food
  • Full colour with quality bespoke images of a range of dishes


Product Details

The VCA menu book is an essential tool which will help bridge the gap between carers and residents at mealtimes. Research has shown that when you provide the elderly with pictures of meals, it can improve their quality of life. 
The coloured images of commonly eaten dishes should stimulate your client's appetites and may renew their interest in food. It will open up a dialogue between resident and carer. One of the positive results of a more healthy diet is less constipation and diarrhoea, and hopefully an improvement in any potentially negative behavioural issues.

How do I use this book?

Each selection contains pictures of everyday meals, drinks and snacks consumed in the Care Sector. By pointing at the dishes the menu choices are crystal clear, giving people control over their menu selections. As well, there are three wipe clean white boards to write your own messages and menu choices.

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